Code of conduct

Established June 2016


All members of Cobh Rescue Horses must read and sign this document.

  1. All members are expected to behave with opening, honesty and integrity in their dealings with other members and the general public. 
  2. All members are to always keep in mind are purpose, which is the care of animals in our care. 
  3. Careful records must be kept of all animals in our care, all animal movements and of Adopters and Fosterers
  4. Members must reply promptly to all complaints, comments or queries from the general public. 
  5. Members must always be mindful of our charity’s image when posting on social media.
  6. All members must respect and protect privacy of other member, donors, adopters and fosterers. 
  7. All members must promptly declare any potential conflict of interest that may arise and refer this to Trustees. 
  8. All donation of goods must be used exclusively for the benefit of the charity. 
  9. All out of pocket expenses will be remunerated on receipt of dated receipt. 
  10.  Any inappropriate, harmful or illegal behaviour towards members, volunteers or animals will be reported to the relevant authorities. 

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