How it all works with us:

Foster help us and the animals in a number of ways. It frees up a space in our facility so we can help another animal. The one to one provided in the foster home prepares the animal for its future permanent home. 

If you see a pony or horse that you would like to care for temporarily and help on their way to their forever home, please fill in the Fostering Application Form on our Web Site (here

We will then contact you and arrange a meeting for you to meet the pony/horse of your choice. We will then carry out a home check to see where the animal will be kept and whether there are adequate facilities and fencing on your property. We will then decide if it’s suitable and all going well, we will arrange transport.

We will then complete a Fostering Agreement Contract, which states that you will be required to provide adequate feed, shelter and turn out for the animal.  

We will cover the cost of any veterinary care, farrier, dentist bills, worming, vaccinations and so on.

A horse/pony on foster is still available for adoption and will still be advertised on our sites as looking for a home. Therefore, we prefer foster homes to be within a reasonable distance of our home base to facilitate potential adopters to meet the animal. 

If at any stage you can no longer care for the animal we will then come and collect them from you. 

We do however ask that you keep us up to date with how the animal is doing and send us pictures.

All of our equines are health checked by our vet when they arrive. They are dosed, vaccinated, get their teeth checked when needed and our farrier pares their feet. 

Please note that it is a legal requirement that you have an Equine Premises Number. This is a simple procedure and is free. You can download the form here. Once you have applied, we can continue with the fostering process and when you get your EPN you can contact us with the number.

Please if you think you can help out with some of these ponies/horses on our page please contact us. A little goes a long way ?


It is against the law to have horses on lands/premises that are not registered with the Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine
Contact you local Registration Office for application or down load here
Registration is free of charge
Penalties apply where premises are not registered.